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Leading the Way

We are proud to announce four new Principals and Associates in the DesignInc Sydney team: Paul Wallace, Principal, Miriam Enoch, Associate Joyce Lim, Associate and Paul Rea, Associate. Collectively, our new leaders bring a wealth of experience across architecture, landscape… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Our People – Mabel Ibekwe

This interview took place a few weeks ago, before COVID-19 reverberated through our community. At DesignInc, like most businesses in our industry, we continue to work effectively and collaboratively from a variety of locations, meeting our project milestones while caring… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Working from Home Trial

DesignInc is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation in Sydney — we have had no confirmed cases of the virus in our office to date. We are communicating closely with our team, and continue to take advice from NSW… Continue Reading →

Leading the Way with LEDA

Creating a thriving culture within an organisation is crucial to growth and success – yet can be challenging to maintain. At DesignInc we want our people to sustain a balance between multiple demands in their lives to reach their personal… Continue Reading →

DesignInc Welcomes Three New Principals

DesignInc is thrilled to introduce three new Principals to our Sydney office: Lisa King (Interiors), Nathan de Leeuw (Aviation) and Matthew Todd (Education). Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to their teams, our new leaders are passionate about engaging… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Futures – Students Lead the Way

In December 2019 DesignInc Senior Designer Tim Garry – who worked on the Lindfield Learning Village Stage 1 design and is currently working on designing the remainder of the village – was invited to the final presentation of architecture models… Continue Reading →

DesignInc Year in Review: People and Culture

People are at the heart of DesignInc and we couldn’t be prouder of the DesignInc team and what we have achieved this year. DesignInc had a very successful 2019, which translated into significant growth of the core team. We started… Continue Reading →

A Week in the Life of an Architect: Roger Fan’s student work experience at DesignInc

Every year DesignInc has the pleasure of hosting high school students for their year 10 work experience. It’s a valuable opportunity for DesignInc to introduce students to the world of architecture, and for students to learn more about the day-to-day… Continue Reading →

Biophilia and place: How biomimicry enhances pride of place in community building

Humans have an innate need to connect with nature, according to the biophilia hypothesis. This connection is vital for health and wellbeing, yet today we spend around 90 per cent of our lives indoors. Recognition of the biophilia hypothesis has… Continue Reading →

DesignInc is starting the conversation about mental health in the workplace

October 10 is World Mental Health Day – a day for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. At DesignInc, we actively support our team’s mental health throughout the year with a holistic program of workshops, classes and initiatives to aid… Continue Reading →

Getting to know: DesignInc Associate Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher is an Associate at DesignInc, having joined the company in 2016 and bringing his local and international experience and expertise on a wide range of building types. We spoke with Tom about his architectural work and influences and… Continue Reading →

Getting to know: Principal Landscape Architect Steven Holmes

Principal Landscape Architect Steven Holmes joined DesignInc in 2019, bringing his passion for landscape design to our practice. We spoke with Steven about his work, biophilic design and how the game of golf has inspired his career. Steven’s passion for… Continue Reading →

Flex@DI: Committed to promoting employees’ work/life balance

We value our employees’ dedication to DesignInc, but we know they also have other priorities in their lives. That’s why we developed the Flex@DI program, which supports employees in achieving work/life balance by giving them the opportunity to adjust their… Continue Reading →

DesignInc’s Voytek Trzebiatowski

DesignInc Associate Voytek Trzebiatowski is a key member of the aviation team, working as senior architect on a series of projects at Sydney Airport. We spoke to Voytek about his work, his approach to architecture and his love of travel… Continue Reading →

Getting to know: DesignInc’s Joyce Lim

Senior Architect Joyce Lim joined DesignInc’s transport and infrastructure team in 2015, bringing her experience and expertise to the upgrades of Transport for NSW railway stations. We spoke with Joyce about her architectural work for DesignInc, her favourite pastime of… Continue Reading →

Promoting gender equality in architecture: DesignInc features in HRM magazine

HRM magazine is the Australian HR Institute’s flagship publication, helping HR professionals make an effective contribution to their organisation. DesignInc is proud to feature in the September 2018 issue of HRM, in which Nicola Heath discusses how DesignInc is actively challenging… Continue Reading →

R U OK? Day: Supporting mental health and wellbeing at work

DesignInc Sydney is committed to providing a safe, healthy and supportive environment for our team’s growth and development. Keeping up with this commitment, each year we support R U OK? Day with discussions about wellbeing, mental health, how to look… Continue Reading →

Shellharbour Civic Centre by DesignInc and Lacoste + Stevenson

Shellharbour Civic Centre opened to the public in January 2018. Serving as a hub for Shellharbour’s cultural and community activities, the building provides a state-of-the-art library, museum, auditorium, council offices and chambers. Designed with user engagement and inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Meet DesignInc’s five newest team members

DesignInc Sydney has enjoyed consistent year-on-year growth for the past five-plus years and 2018 is no different. We have recruited 12 new members to our team in the last 3 month, each bringing valuable experiences and skills to the practice… Continue Reading →

DesignInc Director Ian Armstrong and the Royal Docks Taskforce in London

Ian Armstrong, Director at DesignInc Sydney, is undertaking an Executive Masters in Cities at the London School of Economics and is a member of the Royal Docks Taskforce, an academic exercise that forms part of the program. The 12-member taskforce… Continue Reading →

DesignInc Mentoring Program: Building a Stronger Team

Mentoring is a triple-win partnership, as mentees gain valuable knowledge and support, mentors develop communication skills and give back to others, and companies develop internal talent and corporate knowledge. DesignInc initiated a mentoring program in August 2017 that has seen… Continue Reading →

Spotlight: DesignInc Interior Design

DesignInc’s interior design team takes a research-based approach to their work with a strong focus on the user experience to create people-focused environments. We go beyond the surface with the interior design team to learn what underlies their approach. As… Continue Reading →

Getting to know: DesignInc’s Francesco Camillo

Francesco Camillo, project designer at DesignInc, grew up in Italy around some of the most preeminent examples of historical architecture and exposed to the work of the world’s great artists and thinkers. We spoke with Francesco about his architectural work… Continue Reading →

Wellbeing and lifestyle – DesignInc Sydney’s commitment to supporting our teams health.

Office workers spend approximately one third of their waking hours at work every week, which adds up to 90,000 hours over an average lifetime. We know that people and businesses thrive when workers are healthy and happy, which is why… Continue Reading →

Celebrating our cultural diversity with an international food festival

Australia is a vibrant, multicultural country with a population that spans from the oldest continuous culture in the world to those of our newest arrivals. At DesignInc, we are proud to embrace and respect diversity, celebrating our multiculturalism with an… Continue Reading →

Team DesignInc – Getting to know Ian Armstrong

Ian Armstrong is a Director at DesignInc Sydney and is currently the Chairman of DesignInc Limited. As a registered architect, urban designer and town planner, Ian is uniquely positioned to draw on his skills, knowledge and experience across all three… Continue Reading →

The DesignInc Sydney raise money at MS Sydney to the Gong Charity Bike Ride 2017

Congratulation to the DesignInc Sydney Cycling team who survived MS Sydney to the Gong Charity Bike Ride 2017 and raised more than $4000 in the process. Every year tens of thousands of cyclists hit the road for MS Sydney to… Continue Reading →

How DesignInc creates Environments for People

The environments we design must first and foremost meet their functional requirements. But these spaces can have far greater significance than function alone. By thinking about the broader benefits and consequences of an environment, we can create ‘Environments for People’… Continue Reading →

DesignInc’s Annual Ski Trip.

DesignInc Sydney is blessed to have a fantastic team that regularly gets involved in fun activities together outside of the normal working day, and a big highlight of the year is the annual ski trip. Organised and planned by the… Continue Reading →

The value of qualitative research in project planning

As architects and designers, we know the importance of aesthetics, function, compliance and legislation for a project, particularly one in the public realm. But throughout the planning and design process – and even after a building is complete – it’s… Continue Reading →

Have you checked out the new DesignInc branding and website yet?

It’s a new-look DesignInc for a new age. We’ve hit the refresh button on the DesignInc brand and website, and we’re delighted to announce it’s all gone live. The new website and updated brand are part of creating a unified… Continue Reading →

Getting to know: DesignInc’s Christopher Malouf

  Chris Malouf is an architect at DesignInc, and outside of work, he’s an artist, cyclist, rower, singer, horticulturalist and Archibald Prize entrant. We chatted to Chris about his painting and how being an artist contributes to his work as… Continue Reading →

Team DesignInc – Getting to know Sándor Dúzs

Sándor Dúzs is an Associate at DesignInc. Born and raised in Hungary, Sándor has been interested in architecture since he was a child and his approach and work is influenced and inspired by a semester he spent in Helsinki, Finland…. Continue Reading →

DesignInc Sydney participate in the Fit24 Challenge

  Throughout the month of June, forty-three staff members at our DesignInc Sydney office participated in Fit24 wellbeing team challenge. Fit24 is a popular team challenge program to increase positive teamwork in a fun way by embedding good nutrition, sleep… Continue Reading →

Team DesignInc – Getting to know Helen Chan

In this installment of our Team DesignInc interview series, we speak to one of our graduate architects, Helen Chan about her love of architecture, music and how she is contributing to our Lindfield and Dubbo NSC projects. How did you… Continue Reading →

An interview with Jonathan Zhang, Graduate Architect

We spoke to Jonathan Zhang, one of the youngest and newest additions to the Sydney Studio of DesignInc on his experience as a Graduate Architect, and shares his advice on how to thrive as someone new to the Architecture industry…. Continue Reading →

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