DesignInc is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation in Sydney — we have had no confirmed cases of the virus in our office to date. We are communicating closely with our team, and continue to take advice from NSW Health to ensure we respond appropriately and in the best interests of our staff, collaborators and clients.

We are currently planning for a range of scenarios in the coming weeks, including the possibility that if the virus continues to spread, we may need to work from home for a period of time. We are implementing our Business Continuity Plan, which includes setting up systems to enable our team to continue working collaboratively and effectively from remote locations.

To test these systems, we will be trailing a ‘work from home’ day on Thursday 12th March. Our Sydney office will be closed on this day, and staff will be working from home. Our team will be on deck and available via work email addresses.

Please be assured that this proactive step aims to ensure our business is prepared for however this virus plays out over the coming weeks.

If you have any concerns, questions, or if you are trying to contact someone on Thursday and can’t get through, please contact

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