Creating a thriving culture within an organisation is crucial to growth and success – yet can be challenging to maintain. At DesignInc we want our people to sustain a balance between multiple demands in their lives to reach their personal and professional potential. We believe fostering a leadership team equipped with tools and skills informed both by IQ and EQ is crucial. In order to navigate a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, we also want our leaders to be supported by a corporate structure built on clear values with a defined purpose and meaning.

To nurture our current and emerging leaders, DesignInc Sydney is excited to announce that we have signed up to the LEDA Leadership Program. LEDA is an online program that helps people to build skills to lead empathetically and effectively. It has been successfully piloted with leaders at Australia Post, Arts Centre Melbourne, MYOB, The Department of Premier and Cabinet and Oxfam – and we are thrilled to be part of the next intake.

As Sandeep Amin, Managing Director at DesignInc explains, ‘These ‘Leaders of the Future’ will need to develop a mindset that is self-transforming, allowing them to shift from ‘what we know’ to quickly decipher which ‘unknowns’ are important. They will need to be forever learning, transforming and adjusting their mindset. In an increasingly unpredictable global context – as seen in recent catastrophic drought, fires, floods and the current Coronavirus pandemic – having agile leaders with a growth mindset will allow them, and us, to be ready for the future.’

The LEDA program includes ‘journeys’ about topics such as awareness, self-control, authenticity, resilience, habits, grown mindset, relationships, collaboration, communication, team building, conflict, motivation, influence and delivering feedback. The interface is clean, interactive and includes animations, videos, self-assessments, activities and downloadable summary notes for each journey.

Twenty-five of our key staff are joining the program, and we are looking forward to their insights into their unique journeys towards a ‘forever learning mindset’ over the coming weeks and months.

LEDA is a leadership development app that promises real leadership improvement, and ensures your organisation gets the best out of its people. Click here for more information.