Every year DesignInc has the pleasure of hosting high school students for their year 10 work experience. It’s a valuable opportunity for DesignInc to introduce students to the world of architecture, and for students to learn more about the day-to-day tasks of being an architect, as well as the broader industry picture.

This November, we hosted Roger Fan from Georges River College Peakhurst Campus. Roger contacted DesignInc having searched for architectural firms online. Our studio and projects piqued his interest and we were delighted to receive his email.

Roger had the opportunity to experience many aspects of the company and the architectural profession during his week at DesignInc. He attended a staff meeting about current projects and a meeting about a major infrastructure project we’re developing. Roger drew a great concept sketch for the upgrade of a Transport for NSW railway station, and also spoke to different team members about their jobs and the projects they are working on. When asked if there was one major thing he had learnt about architecture that he didn’t know before, Roger said, “How many people work on a project.”

Roger also visited the construction site for Ultimo Public School. He accompanied DesignInc Associate Iain Scott and Project Coordinator Jacqueline Ong and got to see what everyone does on a worksite firsthand.

The redevelopment and expansion of Ultimo Public School is nearing completion and will provide an imaginative environment for young children in a high-density inner-Sydney suburb. The design celebrates the landscape of the school, which is located on steep, terraced site of a former quarry. Each terrace is a distinct playground level designed for different ages of children: kindergarten, years one and two, and years three to six.

Roger says the worksite visit was his highlight of the week. Roger saw how the school is being constructed to plan and the finished parts of the building. He listened to the questions the project manager and architect asked about changes on site and saw how some things are done for construction to run on time.

Roger also saw the before and after photos of the primary school, with the development reaffirming his interest in becoming an architect. “Architects can change the environment for different people and can make a large impact for the community,” Roger says. “You can see how this school will change the environment for the kids from their previous school.” Ultimo Public School is scheduled to open for the first day of the 2020 school year.

Within the office, Roger says it was interesting to experience an adult work environment, compared to a school environment. “DesignInc has a good work environment with all the things the company provides for their employees. This includes free fruit, free coffee from the machine and yoga and meditation sessions, which I found to be pretty chill.”

Roger is even more interested now to study architecture. We look forward to hearing how his studies progress and to hosting more students interested in learning about architecture.