DesignInc continues to upgrade many NSW railway stations as part of Transport for NSW’s ongoing programs for improving accessibility. Hazelbrook Railway Station on the Blue Mountains Line is currently under construction and will provide a new lift, parking spaces, footbridge and family-accessible amenities.

Photo credit: DesignInc

Hazelbrook Railway Station was built in 1902 as the Blue Mountains Line extended between Penrith and Lithgow. While an overbridge was added in 1980, the station did not meet key requirements of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport or the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992. It lacked safe and convenient access for people in wheelchairs or with vision or hearing impairments, making it challenging for people with reduced mobility or parents/carers with prams to access and use the station. It also lacked ambulant and family-accessible toilets, as well as accessible parking spaces, pathways, help points and public telephones.

As part of the Transport Access Program (TAP), Transport for NSW engaged DesignInc for the upgrade from initial design development through to construction assistance, working in collaboration with Downer and Beca. The upgrade will provide safe and equitable access to the platform and improved customer facilities, with all new works being respectful of and compatible with the heritage setting.

The Hazelbrook station building and the matching out-of-shed (located on the south side of the station building) are examples of the standard design known as Type 11 island platform building. They demonstrate Federation-period architectural elements and inlaid garden beds along the length of the platform have become a landmark within the townscape. “The station is one of the remaining “garden” stations due to its historic, aesthetic and social values, as well as its representativeness as a model example of a Federation-era Type 11 island railway station in excellent condition and integrity,” says DesignInc Senior Project Designer Atish Ghantwal.

The development of the station sees the upgrade of toilets, waiting rooms, help points, stair nosing and handrails. The new works on the platform are concentrated at one end to allow most of the platform and station building to remain intact. Bulky elements are designed with a low profile to minimise visual impact and new works are hidden, where possible, from views and vistas. A new lift improves accessibility to the platform, and the lift shaft is enclosed with glass to visually reduced the bulk.

DesignInc designed a new landing that projects from the existing footbridge to the lift well and straddling the staircase. Arched screens made of perforated mesh with polycarbonate interlayer provide safety barriers at each side of the bridge and maintain visibility to Selwood House.

There is also upgraded accessibility parking, upgraded footpath and improved wayfinding to accessible facilities and generally around the station.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2020.