We value our employees’ dedication to DesignInc, but we know they also have other priorities in their lives. That’s why we developed the Flex@DI program, which supports employees in achieving work/life balance by giving them the opportunity to adjust their working arrangements.


Flex@DI is a tailored approach to working arrangements that allows people to have flexibility in their lives so they can balance their work and their personal life. “DesignInc has an incredible culture based on collaboration and inclusiveness, and we support each person in their own needs as well as the needs of the teams, company and our clients,” says DesignInc Human Resources Manager, Tara Keast.

Our employees have different reasons for needing flexible working arrangements, and our personalised approach means that flexibility can be tailored to their needs. Like to surf in the morning because it sets you up for a more productive day? We can adjust your start time to suit. Transitioning from maternity leave back into work? We can arrange job sharing for you to work part time. Need to pick up your children from sport in the afternoon? You can finish early to be there. Want to pass on your knowledge to University students? We can arrange flexibility in your hours to work around your teaching obligations. And need more leave for an extended holiday to visit overseas family and friends? We can help with that too.


In addition to easing the pressures of an individual’s personal and family life, flexible working hours have proven benefits within the office. Studies show that workers who have more autonomy over their working hours are more productive than their fixed-hour colleagues. It also helps foster creativity, improves wellbeing and morale, and results in increased levels of employee commitment, trust and loyalty. This has obvious benefits for employers as tardiness and absenteeism is reduced and more productive, creative work is achieved. It also improves company culture and helps to attract, retain and develop the best talent – all of which have positive knock-on effects for clients.


“At DesignInc we strive towards creating a team that comes to work fresh and full of energy, has time for family and friends and arrives at a workplace that is comfortable and nurturing. We want our team members to want to give their best; to take ownership of what we do; and to put our trust in one another to deliver the best, in a timeframe that works for everyone.” – Sandeep Amin, DesignInc Managing Director.

Flex@DI offers employees a variety of formal and informal work arrangements.


Formal flexibility is regular, long-term, semi- or permanent arrangements, such as working part-time or job sharing in order to care for a parent or child, transition to retirement or return from maternity leave. Informal flexibility is ad-hoc, occasional and infrequent arrangements, such as starting or leaving early or late to attend a school performance; working from another location to attend an appointment; taking time off each week to study or teach; or using personal leave to support mental wellbeing.

“We want to support our employees in the best way we can as a business and Flex@DI is having a positive impact on individuals’ lives, and as a result, on the company,” says Tara.