On 30 June 2018, the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) South Australian chapter hosted its annual awards evening at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Richard Does (Director, Sydney), Sandeep Amin (Managing Director, Sydney), Wayne Dixon (Director, Adelaide) and Christon Batey-Smith (Director, Melbourne) attended the event to see Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) receive three awards with joint venture partners Silver Thomas Hanley.

“Four directors from DesignInc Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide attended the South Australian Architecture Awards and were thrilled Royal Adelaide Hospital received commendations in the categories of public architecture and sustainable architecture, and an award for interior architecture. We share these with DesignInc’s joint venture partner Silver Thomas Hanley.” – Richard Does, Director, DesignInc Sydney

The AIA National Architecture Awards recognise excellence and innovation in design with the presentation of awards and commendations to projects that demonstrate exceptional architectural skill and contribute to the advancement of architecture. Royal Adelaide Hospital received commendations in the categories of public architecture and sustainable architecture and an award for interior architecture.

DesignInc_Royal Adelaide Hospital_07

Commendation for Public Architecture

“The Royal Adelaide Hospital building provides a twenty-first-century patient-centric healthcare facility in response to the aspirational brief.” – Jury citation, public architecture

Royal Adelaide Hospital is part of the largest health and research precinct in the southern hemisphere, and is South Australia’s greenest hospital. Designed for efficiency and patient wellbeing, there are 800 in-patient beds in private rooms with ensuites and operable windows, and the layout is configured to optimise journey times for treatment, recovery and clinical care. Technology systems aid staff and patients to improve the healthcare experience and achieve better patient outcomes.

DesignInc_Royal Adelaide Hospital_06

Commendation for Sustainable Architecture

“The regeneration of a former railway yard into a 4-star Green Star development of this size and complexity is highly commendable.” – Jury citation, sustainable architecture

The sustainable architecture category recognised creative and intelligent thinking across environmental, social and economic domains, awarding projects that lead by example and set new standards. The jury commented on the natural light, ventilation and views at RAH as well as other sustainability initiatives such as air quality, rainwater and stormwater harvesting and extensive landscaping. The project has a 50 per cent target reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to equivalent hospitals, and a co-generation system utilises waste heat from energy generators to provide heating and cooling to the building.

DesignInc_Royal Adelaide Hospital_08

Award for Interior Architecture

“The massive scale of this project contrasts sharply with the other entries in this field, but the internal treatment largely allows the visitor to experience the spaces at a very human scale.” – Jury citation, interior architecture

RAH was the largest project in the category, yet like the smaller scale projects, which included residential extensions, it demonstrated “exceptional attention to detail” and had a “clear story to tell.”

DesignInc_Royal Adelaide Hospital_05

Drawing from the parkland setting, the hospital has open green spaces for relaxation and healing; naturally ventilated balconies for winter sun; and the merging of external and internal materials to blur the lines between inside and out. Art is also thoughtfully integrated throughout and contributes to the overarching story of “a hospital in parkland, with parkland in the hospital.”

DesignInc_Royal Adelaide Hospital_03

DesignInc would like to thank project partner Silver Thomas Hanley in achieving this outstanding project together, and the AIA South Australian chapter for recognising the architectural skill and innovation in a project that will provide a significant contribution to the South Australia population and the future of Australian healthcare.

You can find the full jury reviews and citations at the Australian Institute of Architects website.