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DesignInc’s interior design team takes a research-based approach to their work with a strong focus on the user experience to create people-focused environments. We go beyond the surface with the interior design team to learn what underlies their approach.

As DesignInc takes a holistic approach to buildings and environments, our interior design team plays an important role in creating spaces that focus on the user experience. By placing a strong emphasis on functionality, space planning, ergonomics and technology, DesignInc provides spaces that support users’ experience and clients’ values.

The team of eight, led by Principal David Taylor, have a broad range of skills and expertise, which enables them to work across diverse projects as well as tapping into specific skill sets. “We treat each project as a new opportunity with no preconceived ideas of how to go about it,” David says. “With the variety of experience in our team, we consider who is going to be most beneficial for the project depending on the design and delivery requirements and the client.”

But while the team’s approach to each project and brief is different, the ultimate goal is the same: “To create interiors that enhance our clients’ values and cultures, and are adaptable, inspiring spaces that reflect their place and purpose,” David says.

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This is achieved first and foremost through strong client relationships, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and maintaining these throughout the design and construction process. Clyde & Co’s newest workplace in Sydney evolved out of the long-standing and fruitful relationship between client, design team and builder, and it is the sixth Clyde & Co office David has worked. “We’re creating environments that keep getting more in tune with who Clyde & Co is and how they work,” David says. “And we’re creating something that they feel comfortable working in, which is the most important part of designing a workplace.”

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Spread across five floors of 333 George Street, the Clyde & Co workplace accommodates up to 270 people with room for growth. The client asked for a traditional law firm approach to the workplace layout with offices around the perimeter of the floorplate and work stations for secretarial and support staff set within. There are also meeting and training rooms, video conferencing room and staff café. An elliptical baffle ceiling in the reception area is the first of its kind in Australia, and the modern, relaxed and unpretentious furniture reflects the Clyde & Co brand.

While we notice the aesthetic and spatial design of a space, it is often what we don’t see that makes a design successful. Ergonomics, technology and sustainability may not be visible to the eye, but they play a crucial role in the efficiency, longevity and, importantly, the user experience of a space. For Sydney Airport Integrated Operations and Emergency Centre, DesignInc developed a workplace facility that integrated the various departments involved in the safety and efficiency of airport operations. “Being a new building, it allowed for the integration of world-standard technology and an ergonomic fit out to create a scalable facility for training, events, incidents, outages and emergencies,” David says. “We achieved this by creating dedicated spaces that meet individual needs and functional requirements, supported by state-of-the-art IT solutions in both the general working environment and the new combined operations and training centre.”

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The interior design team has also been working on bathroom refurbishments at Sydney Airport. “Around the world there is big emphasis on lifting the quality of amenities closer to hotel standard,” David says. “The main objective is to improve the customer experience by providing a level of finish that isn’t typical of airport bathrooms.” The material palette is warm and tactile, and the latest technology in fittings and fixtures improves overall water consumption and energy use. Functionally, the refurbished bathrooms also raise the bar with improved parents’ feeding rooms, baby-change facilities, disability access and pet relief areas for service dogs and custom dogs.

Working closely with DesignInc architects and contractors, the interior design team has a comprehensive depth of knowledge in construction detailing, which enables them to resolve challenges during the development stages of a project. Similarly, during construction, the depth of design knowledge allows the team to provide additional and continued input to achieve the best outcome. In December 2017, University of Wollongong engaged DesignInc to document and further develop a preliminary concept for its library administration area, provided by a third party. “The project brief required additional concept development and completed documentation for construction, all within a three-week timeframe and to strict budgetary requirements,” David says. “The design team, led by Violetta Boyd, were up for the challenge and delivered as promised, also providing further concept input to ensure the administration teams’ expectations were met.” The team improved functionality, space rationalisation and the overall look and feel of the administration area, in keeping with the new library space. The result is an active and functional open-plan environment with increased amenities to facilitate staff in performing their work more efficiently.

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The interior design team is currently working on the new library in the Parramatta Civic Centre. As the exterior design incorporates a futuristic wave-shaped façade of crystalline blocks, the level of innovation on the outside pushes that required on in the inside too, while maintaining a focus creating a people-centred environment. “The new technology in façade design needs interesting solutions in interior design, but with team we’ve got we can deal with those challenges with a rational way of thinking,” David says.

Interior Design team:

David Taylor, Principal

Violetta Boyd, Senior Interior Designer

Annabel Faulkner, Senior Interior Designer

Jay Rim, Senior Interior Designer

Chris Smith, Senior Interior Designer

Nandini Iyer, Interior Designer

Shelby Nicoll, Interior Designer

Vanessa Wood, Graduate Interior Designer