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Office workers spend approximately one third of their waking hours at work every week, which adds up to 90,000 hours over an average lifetime. We know that people and businesses thrive when workers are healthy and happy, which is why DesignInc Sydney is committed to supporting our team members’ wellbeing inside and outside of the office.

In March 2018, we formally launched the DesignInc Sydney Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Program. The holistic program recognises, there are multiple factors that contribute to an individual’s wellbeing at work, including physical activity, healthy eating, balanced lifestyle, financial security and professional development. “It was very important for us to consider all these factors and offer a program that supports employees in their personal and professional lives,” says DesignInc Sydney Human Resources Manager Shumaila Ali.


Through our Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Program we provide team members with access to:

  • Discounted gym memberships: We have partnered with two local gyms to offer membership discounts to our employees to encourage physical activity.
  • Mind and body classes: We promote healthy living and team bonding through weekly mind and body group fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and meditation, delivered by professional instructors.
  • Fresh fruit: Fresh seasonal fruit is available every day at our office to encourage healthy eating and mindful snacking.
  • Flexible working arrangements: DesignInc Sydney encourages work-life balance across all levels of the organisation and supports team members in managing their professional and personal lives. We work closely with our employees to customise working hours if they require greater flexibility with changed starting and finishing times or part-time hours.
  • Flu vaccinations: We provide annual flu shots to help protect our team members and their families against Influenza.
  • Healthy living resources: Employees have access to information, services and resources that can help with healthy eating habits, prevention of chronic diseases and maintaining a healthy weight. Check out our posters around the office.
  • Financial literacy workshops: DesignInc Sydney hosts Lunch & Learn financial literacy workshops on a quarterly basis. Our goal is to provide team members with the skills and knowledge to make educated choices for their financial wellbeing. This includes money management, budgeting, superannuation and other personal finance-related topics.
  • Professional development and training: In addition to offering in-house Continuing Professional Developing (CPD) sessions, DesignInc Sydney is a corporate member of NSW Business Chamber, Australian HR Institute and Institute of Managers and Leaders. These memberships give our team access to professional training, personal development courses, networking events, conferences and discounts on individual membership rates.

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“The response, so far, has been amazing. We have been offering these services and resources since 2017 and our team has benefitted from healthy snacking, yoga classes and flexible working arrangements. Bringing them together under one banner this year, now allows us to promote the comprehensive program. We continue to invest in our team and throughout the year will further develop the services and resources with our team members’ feedback and suggestions,” says Shumaila.