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As airports become increasingly busy spaces they need to work harder to facilitate convenient and hassle-free access. DesignInc recently completed a series of projects at Sydney International Airport aimed at improving and supporting the end-to-end journey, including a bike storage facility for staff, visitors and passengers.

The new bike storage facility is retrofitted in the lift-lobby space of a multistorey carpark building DesignInc originally designed and completed in 2009. It provides 95 vertical cradle racks and horizontal sliding racks for staff and visitors’ bikes, with the staff facility being accessed via a secure door, and has been completed in tandem with the new pedestrian and cycle bridge that provides streamlined access to the building.

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A large-scale graphic is wrapped around the glazed perimeter of the facility to boldly and clearly indicate its location and purpose. “A key objective of the supergraphic was to create a colourful, dynamic, legible and timeless image, and to support intuitive wayfinding both day and night,” says DesignInc Principal Cathryn Drew-Bredin.

DesignInc purchased the graphic from Shutterstock and worked with AW Signs to manipulate the image for the location and viewing distance, experimenting with different graphic applications and testing 1:1 prototypes on site.

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The repeated image of four bike riders is inclusive of age and gender and is designed to be visible in colour during the day and in silhouette at night. “The vinyl graphic application has the same colour tone for both sides of the glass as this generated the deepest colour saturation during the day and strongest silhouette at night,” Cathryn explains. “The colour also graduates as it gets closer to the terminal, giving a sense of direction and feeling of forward movement.”

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The overlapping wheels obscure the bike racks behind, which are neutral in colour to blend in and become recessive in the space. The blue colour palette complements the Sydney Airport brand and is disparate to other colours in the carpark, each floor marked with a different hue to assist wayfinding.

The space has warmer lighting and clear glazing, rather than tinted, like the levels above, helping to maintain light levels within the space and provide good visibility for security and safety.

“The design of an airport environment extends beyond the airport terminal to the end-to-end journey and considers the different modes of transport that staff, passengers and visitors use to arrive and depart. The quality of design should intuitively orient visitors, improve the travel experience and ensure stress levels are managed throughout the journey,” Cathryn says.


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