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Throughout the month of June, forty-three staff members at our DesignInc Sydney office participated in Fit24 wellbeing team challenge.

Fit24 is a popular team challenge program to increase positive teamwork in a fun way by embedding good nutrition, sleep and physical activity. The challenge is for twenty-four days out of the month, allowing for six treat days to strike a balance.

Tara Keast, our Human Resources Manager, was thrilled to implement the Fit24 Challenge into our Sydney office, as it provided a holistic approach to wellbeing that complimented our already existing workplace wellbeing program.

“The Fit24 challenge fits in perfectly with our company’s wellbeing culture, which includes fresh fruit for the office, weekly yoga and free flu vaccinations before the winter season” said Tara.

Rather than counting steps, the program encouraged each team to implement seven hours of sleep each night, cut out sugar and exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, for twenty-four days.

“This challenge wasn’t just about exercise, but people’s needs and it was interesting to see how challenging it can be for some people to achieve seven hours of sleep each night.”

A week before the challenge commenced, a spokesperson for Fit24 provided staff members with sugar free booklets to inform how this challenge can provide emotional and physical benefits.

Participants were guided through this challenge using Fit24’s mobile app, which logged progress and allowed team members to view each other’s results. This influenced team encouragement towards any members falling behind!

The winning team chose which activity they would like to contribute too, with expenses paid for by DesignInc. This year’s winning team chose to participate in the Sydney Colour Run, held on the 20th of August 2017. Our DesignInc office has paid for their entry tickets to ensure their participation for this wonderful event will raise funds for charity.

“What I love about the feedback I received from this event is how participants are implementing new nutritional behaviours after completing this challenge, even something as small as eliminating sugar in their coffee.”

From the results we have collated, 86% of staff will continue to prioritise moving more throughout the day and 83% of participants will continue to prioritise sleep.

We are extremely impressed with our Sydney teams outstanding results, and above all else, to see our employees feel a sense of belonging and a part of the organisation.